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Why you need Digital Marketing and what are our services?

Internet Marketing, or digital marketing / web marketing as referred by some, is fast becoming the most efficient and cost-effective way of reaching a large number of people for both acquisition and engagement. Undoubtedly, most marketers recognize this change, yet they do not have a strategic approach to integrate it as part of their marketing

PIC 2016 Updates

From 1 Aug 2016, the following changes to PIC Cash Payout Scheme will take effect: 1. Reduction of cash payout rate for qualifying expenditure incurred on or after 1 Aug 2016 from 60% to 40% (the cash payout rate is not determined by the date of submission of the cash payout application); and 2. Compulsory e-Filing of

Why Businesses can’t Afford to Ignore Social Media

Facebook, being the largest social networking site in the World Wide Web, at present, statistics shown the number of Facebook users have surpassed 1 billion. Social media provides vast opportunities for businesses to connect with customers. It can be used to advertise for your company, connecting them with your products and services.

3 Ways to Improve Facebook Posts Performance

The average reach of organic posts has declined to about 3%. Reach is defined as the number of unique Facebook users who can see the updates on their newsfeed. The reason for this decline is to optimize the massive amount of content shared on Facebook (3 million links are shared every hour!) and Facebook algorithm

5 Social Media Tools That Will Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

Whether you’re a solo marketer, startup or multinational enterprise, you'll find it's nearly an insurmountable feat to manage your social media without the help of some third-party tools. It's these tools that make it possible for you to reach marketing goals, track results and engage more efficiently across a multitude of platforms. And, more and more, they're