Singapore is widely acknowledged as the regional business hub for South-East Asia; a top choice by many global companies to base their regional headquarters while for others, a springboard into the region. It is the preferred gateway to Southeast Asia, if not Asia.


Trade links with Asia are becoming increasingly important as the growth of the middle class presents increased opportunities for international businesses looking to expand. As markets in the US and Europe become increasingly difficult to penetrate and don’t offer the same promise of growth, Asia is an attractive option to expand revenue and growth opportunities.


Singapore is recognized as a strategic point within the rest of South-East Asia for many international companies who base their regional headquarters here. Therefore, it is the perfect entry point into South-East Asia and beyond. Companies that expand to Singapore also benefit from the various government policies set in place to facilitate the vibrant business environment Singapore enjoys, including attractively and competitively low corporate and personal tax rates and an excellent financial infrastructure. Coupled with a highly educated and skilled workforce, international companies based here are competitively placed both geographically and strategically.