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Internet Marketing, or digital marketing / web marketing as referred by some, is fast becoming the most efficient and cost-effective way of reaching a large number of people for both acquisition and engagement. Undoubtedly, most marketers recognize this change, yet they do not have a strategic approach to integrate it as part of their marketing campaigns. Thus, many companies have a digital presence without considering the potential ramifications of not having a strategy.

As such, InnoBay Group is providing a full suite of digital marketing channels, strategies and services that will engage and maintain potential and existing customers, while efficiently improving clients’ digital presence and reputation for long term ROI with cost-effective marketing budget.

Whether is it evaluating the effectiveness of your website, generating traffic or high conversion results via search engines, social media and many more, specialized experts are waiting to get you to the top using various digital marketing strategies and internet marketing.


Our services include:

Email Marketing

Video Marketing

SEO Services

SEM Services & Google Adwords

Social Media Marketing & Facebook Ads

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