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4 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing to an Agency

4 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing to an Agency

by InnobayGroup

Posted on July 12, 2018 at 17:52 PM

Outsource Your Digital Marketing

4 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing to an Agency



We often hear ,”I don’t need to outsource, I have a digital marketer who can do what is needed”. Perhaps the individual is able to cope with conceptualising and executing the strategies. In reality, most digital marketers are pigeon-holed to the execution and management of the company’s online presence. That limits their bandwidth to spearhead strategies that speak to the online audience. When you pit time, cost, competency and resources to have a breakthrough, what is your best option?

This situation poses an important question: can you handle digital marketing in-house, or should you outsource? Here are 4 reasons why you should outsource your digital marketing needs to an agency.

In-house vs Agency Team: Resources and Competency

There are risks and pitfalls ahead when you take care of your digital marketing on a completely in-house basis. An experienced, well-rounded digital marketer would be costly, while an executive would be as good as the name implies; execute. Additionally, digital marketing is evolving at break-neck speed, that industry best practices, protocols and checks can change overnight; and that can impact your implementation of optimised and effective strategies.

Perhaps your current strategies are delivering, but the your customers are becoming fickle. It takes experience and finesse to whip out a brilliant strategy, but what happens when a change of focus is required? This is when external help can bring fresh perspectives before your marketing momentum hits a speed bump. After all, restarting a new direction takes more effort and resources to keep your customers to stay engaged and loyal.

Partnering with an agency provides you with a driven team armed with the knowledge and expertise required to achieve effective results. With no overhead liability, and no lull periods, you get to stretch your budget for the value received.

In-house vs Agency Team: Time and Cost

How does outsourcing to an agency differ from engaging freelancers? We often get clients coming to us for a solution to salvage a hotchpotch campaign. Freelancers are: not bounded by obligation, cost a fraction, and readily available in popular freelancing portals. If you are lucky, the freelancer you engage delivers your expectations. Unfortunately, even the best freelancing portals are plagued with fake reviews, and you are rolling the dice just to try a freelancer out; it takes too much time and cost!

On the other hand, working with an agency becomes a breeze via a single point of contact for progress reports and updates. Having a team of experienced specialists ignites multiple approach to address your business goals while keeping your budget viable. The key to successful brand recall and brand loyalty is consistent messaging across the business – offline and online. From brand audit to tailored voice for specific social media, an agency can position the best foot forward for your brand for long term success.

The Pain Points which an Agency Can Solve

Besides giving your business the room to grow and save serious capital in the process, engaging a digital marketing agency has a variety of benefits too. Here are some of the most common pain-points which an agency can solve.

Falling Short of the Mark when it Comes to Marketing

The digital marketing goalposts are constantly shifting. Hiring an agency team helps you to surpass targets again and again, even as the parameters evolve.

Disconnect Between Idea and Implementation

If you have a passion for digital marketing, you probably have a lot of ideas about what your organisation should be doing. However, putting these ideas into practice is not always easy. An agency team helps you to remove this frustrating disconnect.

Failing to Hit Deadlines

The beauty of outsourcing is shared responsibility. We bring you the experience and resources to help you manage your time and deploy effective strategies. Doing so enables you to focus on your strengths, and stay objective to achieve your deadlines.

Despite the additional outlay, hiring an agency works out cheaper in the long run than paying for ongoing training and strategic development, and the talent you will be connecting with can take your organisation to new heights.

Access to Wider Resources at a Fraction of Cost

It might seem a little galling when you outsource your duties to a third-party firm. But doing so allows you to access the best-in-class applications and formulas used by bigger companies. All these at a fraction of a cost compared to purchasing the full suite.

Would Your Business Benefit from an Agency Digital Marketing Team?

Perhaps you are a satellite office for an MNC, or an SME ready for a digital transformation, the wise choice will always be to partner with an agency. From localisation of marketing collaterals to targeted segment campaigns, agencies can help MNCs to communicate better with local lingos and trending topics. Likewise, SMEs get to work with agencies that understand their language and identity, that can best represent their business when expanding overseas.

If this applies to you and your organisation, then hiring an agency to handle your digital marketing will certainly be beneficial. Let us help you keep your budget in check and to direct your resources to the areas of your business which need the most, without compromising on digital marketing efficacy.


Are you ready to boost your marketing efforts? The IBG team is here to help.

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